Curved Staircases – elegant, stylish and practical

The graceful curved staircase has always had a long-lasting appeal with grand curved staircases often being found on film sets or in stately homes.

At Spiral UK our time served, skilled craftsmen are very experienced at creating ornate curved staircases that will have long lasting appeal.

What is a curved staircase?

Curved stairs (also sometimes called a helical staircase or circular staircase) differ from a spiral staircase in that the treads do not revolve around a central column, which means their radius tends to be wider than that of the spiral staircase design, making them easier to climb or descend. This style of staircase creates a beautiful and striking design feature as the curve can resemble a gently flowing arc.

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Points to consider

Curved staircase price ranges

The requirements involved in the bespoke design, manufacture and installation of curved stairs is likely to mean increased build time and cost, when compared to spiral staircases. You can find example price ranges for different curved staircase projects by downloading our residential price guide.

We offer a tailored in house service from design to installation. We can arrange for a member of our team to undertake a site survey, are happy to discuss staircase design ideas and options and can create renders of staircase designs so you can see what the stair will look like in situ. We also offer free samples of materials and finishes.

All our staircases are made to measure in order to meet our client’s specific requirements. This means that we can work to any specification as long as what we make meets regulations.

Building regulations for curved staircases

Helical or curved staircases fall under BS 5395 Part II so if you are considering this style of stair for your building project this is the standard that we will comply with. You can find out more about these regulations on our technical information page.

We have also written a blog on Regulations for Residential staircases that might be of interest.

Curved staircase design options.

Curved stairs can vary in style. They can be oval or elliptical in shape or made in a spine beam format with the treads fixed to a long central beam running underneath the stair treads. Concrete curved staircases can be poured on site or made from pre-cast concrete treads created in the factory.

Most of our curved staircases are custom built in steel but there are a wide range of materials available to suit any interior design. We have used materials like corten, concrete, timber and stone in past projects.

Though we have created helical stairs for outdoor use they are most popular as a centrepiece inside the home. We often make them for high end residential developments and luxury homes.

What is the difference between a spiral stair and a helical or curved staircase?
A spiral staircase rises as it turns around a central axis, a helical or curved stairs is a sweeping arced design without a core pole.

What is the lead time for a curved staircase?
For bespoke curved stairs, from design approval, construction typically takes between 6 and 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.

How are curved staircases made?
All our curved staircases are custom built. We make them in the factory as a complete stair. Then they are broken down in sections and put back together on site.

How are curved staircases designed?
Our design engineers will work closely with your architect and/or builder to produce the technical drawings and calculations that are required for all our bespoke staircases. This ensures they will be beautiful, functional and complaint.

How are curved staircases reinforced or supported?
With helical staircases, in particular, it is important to consider tolerances and the floor and wall structure around the stair to ensure the design does not cause any structural movement.

As all our curved staircases are bespoke in design, how we reinforce or support them will vary. Sometimes this can be through the design of the stringers and how they are attached to the floor and ceiling sometimes further structural work will be required within the build of the property. We like to be involved in a project early on to ensure these types of issues are resolved in good time and we can calculate the best way to support the stair design.

Do you guarantee the quality of your curved stairs?
Yes. All our stairs are built to comply with the relevant quality standards, which includes ISO, EN1090 and Achilles standards. You can see more details on our accreditations page.

What is an elliptical staircase?
An elliptical staircase is not perfectly circular but is formed like an oval or egg shape, making an unusual and arresting design feature.


Unsure about staircase terminology? Take a look at our handy glossary of terms.

Materials and Finishes

We love the challenge of finding the right staircase materials to suit your home's interior design and we are happy to supply free samples.

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Technical Information

Download our British Standard specification sheets for the different categories of spiral and helical stairs. These technical drawings help ensure compliance with BS5395 Part II 1984.