Concrete Staircases – stylish designs that are effective and beautiful

Concrete spiral staircases and curved concrete stairs.

Using the latest technology, our skilled team can build curved concrete staircases in a range of stunning tailor-made designs that make a striking feature for any contemporary home.

What is a concrete staircase?

With Spiral UK, you can choose from a comprehensive range of styles including:

  • Concrete spiral staircases – our most popular design
  • Curved concrete stairs or ‘helical’ concrete stairs
  • Straight concrete staircases – which can also be designed as dog-leg stairs
  • Concrete floating stairs. Also known as cantilever stairs, where each step is attached directly to the wall to create a dramatic ‘floating’ effect.

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Concrete stairs – your options

Spiral UK can advise you on the best approach to creating your concrete stairs:

  • Pre-cast concrete stairs are made in moulds at our factory
  • Poured concrete stairs are cast in situ rather than being pre-made, and this method is often used for curved concrete stairs

All our stairs are reinforced concrete stairs, where the concrete material is strengthened using steel

Did you know?

Concrete stairs offer you some great practical benefits:

  • Concrete spiral staircases and curved concrete stairs can be used in external locations as well as within your home
  • Concrete stairs are very tough and durable
  • Concrete spiral staircases and curved concrete stairs will not rot, fade or warp over time
  • Concrete stairs require very little maintenance
  • They can be used to fill a large space cost-effectively
  • Concrete is inherently resistant to fire
  • Concrete stairs are quiet as they do not create creaks or echoes
  • Concrete staircases can help to improve sound-proofing between the floors in a building
  • Concrete can be made to blend with the colour of your walls and floors

Customise your concrete staircase with these lovely finishes from Spiral UK

Many people are surprised at the range of different finishes that Spiral UK can incorporate to create the design effect you are looking for in your concrete spiral staircase or curved concrete stairs.

  • Treads can be inset with contrasting materials such as timber or stone
  • Our concrete treads can have a fair face (smooth) or exposed aggregate (rough pebble dash) finish on the outside
  • Handrails for concrete staircases can be made in polished glass, wood, glass or clad in leather
  • Balustrades for concrete stairs can also be made using the above materials. For concrete floating stairs, glass and steel balustrades are a very popular choice as they accentuate the ‘floating’ effect.

One thing to note is that concrete is the heaviest material you can use for a staircase, so you need to consider how the stair will be supported by the main structure of the building.

Are your concrete stairs manufactured off site and installed, or built in situ?
Pre-cast concrete stairs are made in moulds at our factory and installed at site but we can also do poured concrete stairs which are cast in situ rather than being pre-made, this method is often used for curved concrete stairs.

What about the safety of your concrete stairs?
We ensure that all of our staircases comply with the latest Building Regulations, so that you know they are safe. The specific Building Regulations will vary depending on the type of staircase.

Do you guarantee the quality of your concrete stairs?
Yes. All our concrete stairs are built to comply with the relevant quality standards, which includes ISO, EN1090 and Achilles standards. You can see more details on our Accreditations page.

How long would it take to construct my concrete stairs?
For bespoke concrete stairs, once you have approved the design, construction typically takes between 6 and 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design

Will you work with my architect or builder?
Spiral UK has built a wide variety of bespoke staircase designs across the country for many years and we are very experienced at working alongside architects and builders to achieve a great result. We will discuss your project with them and can supply detailed plans and 3D visuals, as well as free samples of materials for approval or colour matching.


Unsure about staircase terminology? Take a look at our handy glossary of terms.

Materials and Finishes

We love the challenge of finding the right staircase materials to suit your home's interior design and we are happy to supply free samples.

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Technical Information

Download our British Standard specification sheets for the different categories of spiral and helical stairs. These technical drawings help ensure compliance with BS5395 Part II 1984.