Quote and Order Terms and Conditions

All Spiral UK quotes and orders are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Receipt of an order means acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Spiral UK Terms and Conditions

1. Issue of client order agrees to Spiral UK Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) regardless of clients issued T&C`s at placement of order, or at any other time. Unless a jointly signed and witnessed contract is in place at the time of order.

2. All prices shown are inclusive 2.5% MCD if applicable.

3. All steelwork supplied to CE Execution Class 2 EN 1090.

4. All steel dimensions to be undertaken and supplied by client unless site visits or survey(s) can be arranged at an additional cost.

5. Installation start date to be confirmed on signed agreement of Spiral’s detailed drawings.

6. Price to be confirmed, re-calculated or variations added on receipt of full and latest revision of drawings and is for estimated costs only at quote stage.

7. Quote price is based on receiving and working from construction drawings/technical information supplied prior to quote date. Our quotation includes for the cost of the preparation and issue of drawings detailing the proposed works. All dimensions are to be obtained from client or DWG`s supplied by the client unless agreed by Spiral survey prior to final quotation.

8. Following issue of the drawings, we will incorporate one set of coordinated comments and reissue updated drawings for record and construction. Any further re-drawing work will constitute a variation and will be charged at current day work rates.

9. Price to be confirmed, re-calculated or variations added upon final design and site inspection.

10. Client is responsible for checking that stubs are in the correct position when installed by main contractor. Spiral UK reserve the right to suspend works until stubs are in correct position. All plant and labour costs for abortive visits and plant standing time will be payable by the Client.

11. Where drilling is to be undertaken by Spiral UK, the drilling of non – reinforced concrete is based upon the use of percussion drill bits. The use of diamond tipped drill bits to drill reinforced concrete will incur additional cost.

12. Deliveries based upon one delivery. If further deliveries required, additional costs will be applied unless clearly itemised within the original quote.

13. Installation costs are initially based on all works carried out in succession depending on site access and restrictions. Installation costs are to be confirmed or re-calculated upon site visit & are for guidance price only at quotation stage. Spiral UK reserves the right to amend by variation as required.

14. If further visits required due to limited access and restrictions, or separate day installation requested, please allow for charges as per `Any delays in progression of works` section detailed below.

15. If pre-booked visit cancelled within 48 hours of attendance, 1/2-day rate for all site fitters will be charged. If within 24 hours, full day rate for all site fitters will be charged.

16. Spiral UK does not accept any responsibility, or charges due to works taking longer than specified within the quotation.

17. Installation costs based on normal weekday site working hours, Monday-Friday between 7.30am – 17.30pm. When out of hours Monday to Friday, Saturday or Sunday works are required an additional cost is applied if not itemised with the original quote. Charges are calculated individually but nominally at our daily charge plus 50% to 100% surcharge.

18. All building works, strengthening works, temporary propping, removal of existing items, breaking out and demolition works, to be undertaken by others prior to commencement of works by Spiral UK, or Spiral UK contracted site installation team. If required by Spiral UK, please request additional costs prior to start of works. If areas not ready and additional works not requested prior to start of contract works, charges will apply for labour, materials, hire equipment and management charge of 15%. If Spiral UK, or Spiral UK appointed contractor requested to undertake when issue arises, email confirmation of full payment for hours spent must be sent to info@spiral.uk.com prior to start of works.

19. Free and unobstructed access for delivery vehicles, plant, crane, equipment, materials, site personnel and supervision for full duration of Spiral UK works.

20. Ground conditions to be of firm and level standing for full installation of Spiral UK works to accommodate weight of personnel, crane, MEWP`s and any other plant/machinery required to undertake the works.

21. Any adverse conditions will cause delays to installation and will be charged to include labour, materials and hire equipment.

22. All steels supplied self-colour, unless otherwise stated on quotation above.

23. Painting of welded areas and any touch up paintwork required may result in a variation of shading.

24. We do not include for cleaning/painting connection bolt assemblies.

25. Fire painting, thicker primer coating, or any additional coatings not stated above, if required, to be undertaken by others. If Spiral UK to undertake, please request additional costs.

26. Site touch up of powder coating, galvanising and cosmetic inspection by the client must be completed prior to Spiral UK leaving site.

27. Any arrangements and costs for road closures, suspended parking, or similar, to be undertaken by the client.

28. Scaffold hoist, or goods hoist, capable of lifting steel sizes and weights as per itemised steel list above, to each level, to be supplied by client.

29. If there is no enough lifting equipment supplied for task and all/part materials or plant, need to be manually carried to area of works, please allow for additional charges.

30. Storage for all materials to be allowed on site from start of works on site. If storage required at Spiral UK, please allow £20.00 per pallet per day storage fee.

31. If no storage on site, or delays to program result in materials remaining in Spiral UK yard, please allow £20.00 per pallet per day storage fee.

32. All site scaffold requirements to be undertaken by client unless otherwise stated in quotation.

33. All obstructions & services including but not limited to cables, pipes, drainage, steelwork & brackets to be moved or relocated by others prior to commencement of works. Delays to installation will be charged at full day rate per part day waiting. 33. Provision of storage area throughout full installation of works. If no storage supplied, additional deliveries and unloading costs will be applied.

34. Provision of 110-volt electrical supply to all areas of works, welfare facilities and site access always. Delays to installation will be charged at full day rate per part day waiting.

35. Any increase to steel sizes due to fire protection requirements or further loading requirements will be charged accordingly.

36. Any change to design of steelwork will be charged accordingly.

37. All variation works to be priced and costs agreed prior to works being undertaken by Spiral UK. Any instruction received will be deemed as an agreement to the price supplied. Prices supplied will be non-negotiable after instruction received.

38. If variations are required urgently, and/or cannot be priced in the client’s timescale, a cost will be provided once any individual variation is complete based on T&C. Please notify by email to info@Spiral.uk.com within five days of receiving notification of such costs if there are any queries on the price supplied. If no response received within five working days, costs provided will be deemed as agreed and none negotiable.

39. All drawing work including measurements and calculations to be confirmed by client prior to fabrication unless order is inclusive of design and survey.

40. Spiral UK to supply fabrication drawings only if specified.

41. Splice connection plates & all connection details, to be confirmed by client’s structural engineer. Spiral UK must be notified by email or recorded delivery of any changes prior to placement of order. Spiral UK accepts no responsibility for connection details not specified by the client – confirmation of all connection details is the sole responsibility of the client.

42. Any delays in progression of works, due to other trades, or conflict/change of design or any other delay not by Spiral UK, will be charged at £45.00 per hour, per person, for both work on site and travel time. Material costs, our sub-contractors, plant charges as per cost charges + 20% on items.

43. Due to tight programming of works, should there be any delays not caused by Spiral UK, or program changes by the client, Spiral UK will endeavour to provide continuity of works, but cannot guarantee to meet dates as per original programme or client revised program.

44. Acceleration of programme if requested will be quoted and only proceeded with if accepted in writing.

45. Any additional steels & materials not listed above will be priced accordingly.

46. Price does not include any thermal break requirements.

47. Any holes required for timbers of other connections, to be undertaken by others unless specifically listed above.

48. Any additional holes, slots, connection details etc, not listed above will be priced accordingly.

49. All timber work, concrete, grouting, foundations, pad stones and/or brickwork (including their design and detailing) and any marking out to same are not included by Spiral UK. This work, by others, to be completed and ready to receive steelwork by the programmed start date as the terms of our quotation are based upon this condition.

50. Day work rates: Off-site £80.00 per hour. Site £450.00 per person, per day, inclusive of travel and subsistence costs. If only part day works required on site, full day rate will still apply.

51. All materials remain the property of Spiral UK Ltd until paid in full. Any non-payments, part-payments or delayed payments may result in materials being dismantled and removed from site, and full costs including removal costs will be pursued.

52. Spiral UK reserve the right to ten working days to rectify any works notified in writing by the client and no charges for delays to programme of works will be accepted.

53. Legal action will be undertaken if invoices are not paid on time. This will not include arbitration.

54. If customer listed above has a parent, or holding company, the parent or holding company accepts responsibility for any unpaid/outstanding payments or part payments.

55. If such companies cannot pay unpaid/outstanding payments or part payments, the director(s) accept responsibility for any unpaid/outstanding payments or part payments.

56. CE certification, warranty, sign off checking, confirmation and issuing of conformity certificates will only be issued after full payment of account has been received.

57. Quotes are only valid for 30 days and all orders must be placed within 30 days of quoted date. If work execution is delayed by the client, delay costs will be applied.

58. Prices quoted are nett and subject to VAT.

59. Payment strictly as per quote and not subject to negotiation or changes. Spiral UK does not accept retention or LAD’s.

60. This quotation is based on the materials and description stated therein. Any variation to the stated materials or descriptions may result in a reduction or increase in the price.

61. If additional information is made available by the client post the issue of quote, Spiral UK reserve the right to amend the final invoice to reflect changes.

62. Data sheets are available and should be read in conjunction with all quotes

63. Spiral do not supply O&M, warranty or as built drawings until the final invoice is full paid.

If you require a pdf version of these terms and conditions you can request a copy by emailing info@spiral.uk.com

Last updated 26 June 2023 Control Number: T&C-0001-04