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Bespoke Staircases

Staircase fabrication

Spiral UK is the leading bespoke staircase manufacturer in the UK, which means we are experts in metal staircase fabrication. We specialise in spiral staircases, helical stairs and straight staircase designs like single spine, cantilevered or dog legged stairs. All of which we can fabricate in steel.

Our service is bespoke, so we customise everything from our quotes to our approach to the design, manufacture and installation of our bespoke staircases. This is to ensure they meet the requirements of our customers.

steel staircase fabrication
steel staircase fabrication

Metal staircase fabrication

One of the key parts of our process is the manufacture of our staircases, this nearly always involves some form of metal staircase fabrication. Many of our bespoke staircases are fabricated in steel and then finished to the requirements of the client. For instance, stone or timber clad.

Once a staircase has been signed off in our design engineering department, drawings are released, materials ordered, and the staircase fabrication process started.

Experienced fabricator welders

Our team of fabricator welders are experienced time-served steel and metalwork craftsmen and very experienced in the bespoke staircase fabrication process. Working with our design engineers, and to their drawings, they create the whole bespoke staircase and then break it down into components or sections for installation by our teams of fitters on site.

The people in our factory are multi-skilled and able to undertake a broad range of fabrication processes from spiral staircase fabrication to more technical metal staircase fabrication like helical staircase designs or fabricating curved handrails. The staircases we manufacture are wide ranging in design and involve both internal and external staircase fabrication, all of which is bespoke.

State-of-the-art machinery

The staircase fabrication process is made more effective through the use of Spiral UK’s state-of-the-art CNC machine and a number of cranes.

The CNC plasma machine can receive files from the design team and be programmed to cuts shapes from mild steel and stainless steel. The latest of its type it gives a superior cut and allows for etching. This means that the need for secondary design templates and further cutting has been significantly reduced. The system also has a much more efficient extraction system improving the air quality in the factory for our people.

Manufacturing quality standards

A fully motorised 1 ton swing jib crane moves materials weighing up to a ton from the loading area to the CNC it can be operated by one person and has removed the need for manual handling. Both the production and manufacturing process is much smoother and more efficient as a result, reducing time taken and material wastage. Our large 5 tone overhead crane for large sections of staircases and steel plus our individual swing jibs for up to 500kg in each helical bay also add to the efficiency and safety of the staircase fabrication process.

Our factory and our metal staircase fabrication process all operate to manufacturing quality standards. We are accredited by ISO9001:2015, EN1090 and Achilles.

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