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Concrete Staircases – effective and beautiful

Concrete staircases are very tough and durable. They can also help with noise reduction and provide additional sound insulation, as well as being resistant to fire hazards.

But there is much more to concrete staircases than just these practical considerations, when you are looking for staircase design ideas.

Modern concrete staircases can complement elegant and striking interior design, especially when used for spiral staircases.

The appearance of the concrete can be made to blend with the walls, so it feels like a natural extension of the building.

Concrete staircases can be finished in a range of styles and the treads themselves can be inset with contrasting materials, such as timber or stone. They can be offered with a wide range of handrails to complement the overall style. Concrete can also be used to make floating stairs, which give a very dramatic effect.

This highly versatile material can be used internally or externally, wherever your imagination takes you.

Concrete spiral staircase

Points to consider

Concrete is the heaviest material you can use for a staircase, so you need to consider how the stair will be supported by the main structure of the building.


Unsure about staircase terminology? Take a look at our handy glossary of terms.


Technical information

Download our British Standard specification sheets for the different categories of spiral and helical stairs. These technical drawings help ensure compliance with BS5395 Part II 1984.

Technical Information

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