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Spiral fire escape stairs for the MOD

Spiral UK have been supplying the MOD with spiral escape stairs for over 30 years, so not only are we experienced in their design and manufacture, but our installation teams are familiar with the extra security procedures required for working on military sites. All of our fire escape stairs deliver against the exacting standards demanded by the MOD.

Recently we have worked with Aspire Defence who are responsible for building, improving and maintaining soldiers’ single living and working accommodation at Tidworth, Bulford, Warminster, Larkhill, Aldershot and Perham Down garrisons.

We are also working with Skanska UK who have the contract to deliver new infrastructure and accommodation at Worthy Down Barracks near Winchester.

External spiral staircase with landings
External spiral staircase with landings

On all these projects the MOD requirement has been for robust and functional spiral staircases as a means of external escape on accommodation blocks. All the fire escape stairs are made from galvanised mild steel and compliant with British Standard BS5395 Part II (Code of Practice for the design of helical and spiral stairs 1984).

Escape stairs for the MOD
External spiral escape staircases
Aspire Defence and Skanska UK
Ministry of Defence

Fire escape stair for Aspire Defence

Here is an example of a typical specification for an escape staircase at an Aspire Defence site

At a glance

Floor to Floor Height: 3400mm
Spiral Diameter: 2100mm
Risers: 15 @ 187.8mm, Open
Tread Radius: 15 @ 1150mm
Clear Tread Width: 879mm
Tread Type: Durbar plate with drainage slots
Balustrade: 2 x 22m diameter uprights per tread with 40mm x 6mm flat handrail with PVC capping
Landing: 2065mm x 1490mm landing in durbar plate with drainage slots
Additional Info: Mild steel galvanised to EN1471
External steel spiral staircase

Fire escape stair for Skanska UK

This specification for a three storey spiral escape staircase is typical for a Skanska site.

At a glance

Floor to Floor Height: 8775mm
Spiral Diameter: 2500mm
Risers: 48 @ 182.8mm, Open
Tread Radius: 48 @ 1115mm
Clear Tread Width: 1000mm
Tread type: Folded treads in durbar with drainage slots
External fire escape staircase
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