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Spiral escape stair for Stowe School

This steel spiral staircase was for the historic eighteenth-century Temple Boarding House at Stowe School, near Buckingham.

The school required a fire escape staircase as part of alterations to the living accommodation. We dismantled and replaced an existing fire escape and extended it to a newly installed door giving a means of escape.

The spiral staircase we installed was over 10 metres high and designed to BS 5395 Part II. As a Category C Small Semi-Public Stair. This type of stair is intended for use by a limited number of people, some of whom may be unfamiliar with the stair e.g. in factories, offices, shops.

Steel spiral fire escape stairs
Steel spiral fire escape stairs
Spiral fire escape stairs
Redfield Construction

Fire escape spiral stair

The stair was a huge steel spiral which gave a means of escape from two floors of the Temple Boarding house. Fabricated in mild steel and galvanised to prevent corrosion and increase durability the external escape stair had a non-slip pattern to the tread plate with 2 vertical balusters on each and a black PVC capping to the handrail.

At a glance

Floor to floor height: 10465mm
Spiral diameter: 2100mm
Risers: 17 @ 211.9mm, 38 @ 182.4mm
Tread radius: 51 @ 1050mm
Clear tread width: 828mm
Tread type: durbar plate
Balustrade: 2 x 22mm diameter vertical balusters per tread with black PVC capping to the handrail.
Landings: Top landing 3000mm x 1100mm, First floor landing 6000mm x 1,100mm plus two rest landings
Additional info: Decorative gallows brackets to top and first floor landings
Galvanised external fire escape stair
External spiral fire escape stairs
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