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Bespoke Staircases

Why staircases are increasing becoming a focal point in office design.

Workplace architects and interior designers involved in fit out and refurbishment projects are increasing choosing staircases as a focal point in their office design. Why? Because not only does a staircase make an impactful interior design feature to enhance a business brand it can help employees’ wellbeing too.

You may think that as bespoke staircase manufacturers we are bias well honestly, we are but hear us out. Here’s three reasons why we believe bespoke staircase design in the workplace is increasingly at the forefront of architects’ minds.

Office staircase

Health and Wellbeing

Active living has never been more important, so workplace designs that move staircases to the forefront of an office space, making them more easily accessible, encourage people to use or ‘take the stairs.’ A quick trip upstairs for a conversation gets the blood circulating and aids concentration.

Staircases with open risers and glass balustrade can aid the flow of natural light, add living plants into the design to oxygenate the air and you are looking at some great enhancements to employee wellbeing and motivation.

Image: The dog legged staircase Spiral UK installed in Portland Estates Head office in London helped defuse light from the overhead skylight by using open risers and glass balustrade to unlock views across the London skyline and Portland Estates portfolio.

Helical office fit out staircase

Connection and Collaboration

Office spaces can easily become self-contained silos without consideration to the design and it maybe that you want that, but we believe a well-designed staircase can create connection and encourage communication.

Wide open staircases that flow through a building connecting floors and departments can encourage workflow and foster collaboration, connecting people and spaces. Good communication and social interaction enhances productivity and increases effectiveness so why wouldn’t you want to encourage it.

Image: The helical staircase in SEB’s London offices connects two floors with the extension of its reclaimed wood balustrade forming break out areas that encourage further connection, collaboration and social interaction.

The beating heart of the building

Many of the staircases that Spiral UK design for the workplace form the focal point of the interior design of the building. They work as a piece of stunning architectural design that welcomes a visitor and then leads them through the heart of building acting as an artery delivering people, creativity and rich exchanges around an office space. Using a bespoke staircase as the central core of a workplace design allows for continuity and functionality in the flow of movement around a building, as well as being a fabulous workplace interior design feature.

Image: Kingly street, London. This spiral staircase and straight stair combination deliver people to different aspects of the space whilst making a beautiful design feature within the building.

So, there you have it. Our top three reasons why we believe staircases are increasingly becoming a meaningful focal point in workplace design not only as a great designer feature but as a tool for promoting well-being, connection and communication.

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