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Top three most popular staircase designs for the home

As the leading bespoke staircase manufacturer in the UK, Spiral UK are always on the look-out for the latest and most popular staircase designs. We’ve taken a look at our order book over the last 12 months and come up with the latest in staircase design trends. These are the staircase design ideas, styles and materials we are seeing specified the most for the home.

spiral stairs in home

At number one. The timeless spiral staircase

By far the staircase design we are working on the most is spiral stairs with over 50% of our orders being for a spiral staircase. This style has a central column from which the treads splay out in a complete circle or corkscrew effect. As well as being used to create a striking centrepiece they are often considered to be a good space saving option. As all our staircases are custom-made, we find that most of our residential orders use this design to create a special feature within the home and spiral staircases definitely suit this purpose.

In at number two. The versatile curved stair

Second on our list is the helical or curved staircase design suited to both classic and contemporary staircase styles. These bespoke stairs tend to be suited towards the luxury home due to their classic film set features but we are seeing them as a more common choice in new build and refurbishment projects as a stylish focal point in the entrance to a property.

Unlike spiral stairs, curved staircases don’t have a central core pole instead they follow a graceful arc creating a beautiful curved statement stairs. The radius on helical staircase treads can be wider making them easier to use but this design is a more expensive option.

We are also seeing an increase in enquiries and orders for elliptical staircases which have an oval or egg shape. These double helix designs are technically more complicated as they have more than one axis point but they create a really attractive feature in the home.

Cantilever or floating staircase

And finally, the floating stair

Coming in a close third on our list of the most popular staircase designs in the home, is the cantilever or floating staircase. The key consideration with this staircase design is ensuring that the staircase can be supported within the building structure. It is common for cantilever stair designs to have their stringers concealed within a wall so it looks like the open riser treads are floating. These modern staircase designs are very suited to contemporary interiors often chosen when architects wish to make the most of natural light. With the right balustrade the open treads can help diffuse light between floors.

Render of a mock Georgian staircase

Vintages styles on trend in balustrade

In cantilever staircase designs glass is still the more popular balustrade option but recently we have seen a move away from glass balustrade to ornate powder coated spindles either in contemporary curves or more traditional art deco and georgian styles in residential properties with helical staircases.

Full height balustrade is a popular option on our office fit out projects with spiral stairs. This allows businesses to powder coat to brand colours creating a real impact within the space. Overall timber and satin polished stainless-steel handrails are specified the most the moment.

Handrail materials

Favourites for materials and finishes

Over the last 12 months our clients have showed a preference for stone, concrete or timber treads with powder coating becoming common for the steel structure design we fabricate. Last year grey was the new black. There doesn’t appear to be any particular trend towards closed or open risers but we are seeing a move from light neutral interiors to more vintage art deco styles.

So, there you have it the top three most popular staircase designs, spiral stairs, helical staircases and cantilever or floating stairs are leading the way in architect and interior designers’ choices for staircases in the home.

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