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Bespoke Staircases

Spiral UK exports first staircase to Russia

We are thrilled to have been contracted to work on a project to design and build a beautiful helical staircase for export to Russia.

As the leading bespoke staircase manufacturer in the UK we are highly skilled at the design and manufacture of luxury staircases and are looking forward to creating this stunning stair design.

Working with Architects Studio KO and Parcel Properties in Russia. The first part of the project is to design a stunning staircase with a sculptural curve in steel. The stair will have a timber finish.

The curved staircase is to be supplied for installation in a penthouse apartment in the Hyatt Regency hotel complex in the popular coastal resort of Sochi on the Black Sea in Russia.

Spiral UK have already started the design of the bespoke staircase and are looking forward to starting the manufacture process once it has been signed off.

The stair will be fabricated in steel, we will create it in the factory, then split it into sections for export. We will also be providing the timber which will be clad to the steel framework during the install on site.

The stair will make a marvellous centrepiece enhancing the interior design of the luxury residential property.

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