For prestige internal locations we manufacture stairs with glass treads, normally combined with a stainless steel supporting structure to produce a stunning ultra modern appearance.

We offer a wide range of designs and finishes to suit all applications using 3d cad technology to design the stairs.


The treads are manufactured from triple laminate toughened glass with the top surface etched or sand blasted to give a suitable non-slip finish.


The balustrading design is normally a combination of stainless steel and curved glass panels or an all stainless helical system, with the option of a stringer to the outside of the treads to emphasise the graceful sweep of the stair.

A glass staircases gives the appearance of a floating transparent stair which when the light shows through look fantastic.

They are all hand made and designed to your requirements to suit your environment. Manufacture and design process ensure the product you receive is of the highest quality.